Functionality / Plan
Amateur league
Premier League
Champions League
World Cup
Tournament Functionality
Transfers module
Setting the color palette of the site
Accounting of organizational fees and fines
WEB analytics: setting up Google Analytics and social networks pixels
Custom domain
Module "SEO. Searching Optimization"
Disabling third-party ads
Custom Printed Protocols and Tournament Application
Publishing partners on the league website
Variety of League Admin Roles
Accepting of team applications, registration of captains
Live mode for matches, text live feed
Personalization: "Polls", "Video of the day", top news sliders and much more
Infographic "League in Figures and Facts" and "Match Preview"
Player disqualifications: accounting and automation
Team of the round: statistics and posters for publication in social networks
Publishing banners and posters on the league website
Branding, or unique "wallpaper" on the site
Disabling "Made with Get in Football" mark in the footer
Setting up the website by city, football category, etc.
"Hall of Fame". Best of the best of all seasons
Custom website heading design
Custom elements of the website template
Monetization of a site using Google AdSense
PRO widgets (designer and custom illustrations for social networks)
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